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When you purchase a domain name from WebGrow, we offer you a choice of a "core product"i.e., just the domain nameor a whole domain product instead. 

These are terms we have adopted from the high tech industry, because they fit domain names perfectly as well.  Very simply, for any kind of product, the core product is just the bare-bones product, nothing else. The whole product is the core product plus whatever else you need in order to receive the value you want from the core product.  

Sometimes, the core product and the whole product are the same thing.  For example, a candy bar comes ready to eat.  But suppose you bought a computer.  Just a computer, all by itself.  What's it good for?  A door stop, stool or low table, and not much else.  

To get the intended value from it as a computer, you also need an operating system and software installed on the computer, plus a keyboard, mouse, monitor and printer attached to it.  Together, the computer plus these "accessories" (actually necessities) constitute the whole product.  

Obviously, a whole product costs somewhat more than a core product.  But the whole product is what you need.  You're going to have to pay for the "necessary accessories" one way or another anyway, in order to get the value from the core product, so it often makes sense to get them all together as a total package.  Kachan & Co. illustrate this perfectly.

Source: http://www.kachan.com/content/whole-product-definition

With this concept in mind, consider a domain name.  By itself, what is it?  An expense, nothing more.  Sometimes, quite an expense.  There have been at least 70 domain sales of $1 million or more.  And except as an asset with resale value, and a block to competitors getting the domain, each one of those domains is useless without further services.  

What services, exactly, must be added to a core domain product to make a whole domain product?  This depends on exactly how the domain will be deployed — and helping you decide this is one of the services we provide.  Here are some typical basics:

  • First, you need a website on the domain, even if it's just a landing page for your primary site.
  • But what should be on the site?  This is a marketing strategy decision, and there are several ways to go.
  • How will the site be integrated with your primary site, your email campaigns and offline operations?  This should be part of the plan.
  • And how will the site be found by your customers?  Will you rely on PPC, or instead leverage the keyword strength of the domain itself?  Or both?  Now we're talking SEO.

WebGrow can help you in all of these areas, with both planning and execution.  Why go it alone?  Or why get just a core domain product, good for only a "virtual doorstop" until you "do stuff to it"?  Harness WebGrow's expertise, and get a whole domain product.  

A few more dollars, and a whole lot of sense. 

Get started now.   

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